Social Media Analytics

Our experienced consultants aggregate and analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources such as social media, online posts, survey responses, emails etc. and help you extract valuable insights, sentiments, and hidden patterns. We use NLP, statistical and machine learning techniques, and segregate consumer conversations about your or your competitor’s brand, products, and services around positive, negative, and neutral sentiments, which help you, identify the root cause of emerging issues.

Real Time Segmentation

Talk to our experts to experience real time segmentation based on analysis of both web log and CRM data. We use advanced analytics techniques such Clustering, Decision Tress, CHAID, CART and divide visitors into different segments viz. “unique visitor”, “repeat visitors”, “mobile visitors” etc., which can help you understand your visitors and patterns in their behavior.

Web Analytics

Our web analytics services help you to understand the behavior of consumers and visitors utilizing your web platforms. At WorldPag, our team of dedicated experts provides substantial web analytical services and solutions that attract more prospects to your platform and increase customer loyalty. Apart from comprehensive analysis of your traffic and usage patterns, we provide advisory services (based on analytical insights) that helps to streamline and improve your online marketing activities and campaigns. Our services are delivered by knowledgeable web analytics experts who gather important web based data and implement bespoke web analytics software that helps to increase conversions across different industries.

SEO, PPC And SEM Offerings

Our in-house experts work efficiently to help optimize page ranks and enjoy increased traffic to your website through our SEO, PPC and SEM service offerings, which include Keyword Analysis, Website Optimization, and Code Optimization, Site Development, and PPC campaigns.

Website Reporting Suite

Our analytics experts use this reporting suite to help a business gain deeper insights into how visitors are interacting with your website. We have extensive experience in developing a wide variety of reports, namely Traffic Reports, Visitor Reports, Navigation Reports, Referrers Reports, Campaign Reports, Multivariate (A/B) reports, Performance Reports and many more.

Personalization And Real Time Targeting

At WorldPag, we analyze visitors’ web journey data as well as CRM data and use supervised and unsupervised techniques such as Naïve Bayes Algorithm, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, N-Gram etc. which can help you segment visitors by geographic location, past purchase patterns and searches, social profile, characteristics and many more, and tries to match a visitor’s journey who has just landed in your website to a journey based on predefined segments. Once there is a perfect or near-perfect match with the visitor’s real-time web activity, personalized messages, product recommendations, promotions and contents are triggered in real time.