Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

The Travel and hospitality industry operates in a very complex and dynamic environment. In today’s uncertain economy, the travel and hospitality industry is facing several challenges such as high operational costs, emerging multi-channel touch points, increased adoption of digital commerce and smart devices, changing consumer behavior, demand for personalized services and pricing, and inconsistent information management (e.g. price parity, room availability) in distribution channels. Also, the growth of the internet and increased adoption of social media are playing crucial role in connecting consumers to share their views, provide recommendations and influence the decision-making process of futureconsumers. To surmount these challenges and in order to sustain in today’s competitive market, analytics can really play a key role.

Worldpag’s client-centric approach and deep domain expertise enable you to generate value through our customized analytics solutions. We provide analytics solutions for all the segments of the travel and hospitality industry, namely Airlines, Car Rental Companies, Online Travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Cruise Lines and Casinos. Our travel and hospitality analytics services can help you understand your customer’s decision-making process, their needs, preferences, price sensitivity, buying habits and attrition behaviors and create a unique personalized experience, leading to an increase in conversion rate, profits, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Offerings:

Customer Analytics Services: We analyze both structured and unstructured data using advanced analytics techniques and help you grow your customer base, engaging and retaining loyal and repeat customers through personalized services such as special offers and discounts, value added services etc., uplift revenue through cross-selling/up-selling and improving the lifetime value of your customers. We can help you reduce costs, minimize churn rate and maximize your customer experience. Read More…

Web Analytics Services: We analyze both web log and CRM data and use advanced analytics techniques such Clustering, Decision Tress, CHAID, CART and divide visitors into different segments such as “unique visitor”, “repeat visitors” ,”mobile visitors” etc., which can help you understand your visitors and patterns in their behavior. Read More…

Pricing Optimization Analytics: We analyze historic transaction data, customer data, competitors’ rate data macro-economic data etc. and use advanced analytics techniques such as Time Series Models, Logistic Regression etc. to forecast demand by different segments (such as Flight Route, Time etc.) and help you develop a pricing model based on forecasted demand. We can also help you build propensity based simulators to predict consumers’ response tendency towards different price points and the impact of seasonal changes.

Social Media analytics: We analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources such as social media, online posts, survey responses, emails etc. and help you extract valuable insights, sentiments, and hidden patterns. We use NLP, statistical, machine learning techniques and segregate consumer conversations about your or your competitor’s brand, products, and services around positive, negative, and neutral sentiments, which help you identify the root cause of emerging issues. We can also help you with identifying and profiling online influencers, measure their impact for travel and hospitality categories (e.g. Airline, Car Rental, Hotel etc.), and build strategies to engage top influencers.
We also provide Data Management, Reporting and Visualization services , Web Analytics and Multi-Channel Customer Interaction Center Analytics services