Small & Midsize Business

At WorldPag, we understand that large, enterprise organizations are not the sole beneficiaries of analytical solutions and services that is why we work with small and midsize enterprises (SME) to improve operational processes and gain the necessary technical and business edge with insights from analysis of customer and finance data. Our experts create intelligent solutions you can easily adopt and use to understand business related data.


We provide analytics services such as customer, web, and social media analytics to help SMEs leverage on new opportunities that can increase productivity and revenue. Our experts help you identify and promote the right strategy and innovative products using data analytics. You can use our solutions and services to gain useful consumer insights and engage new or prospective customers in the right way with the aid of reliable data driven insights.

Big Data

At WorldPag, we help SMEs adopt the right big data solutions eliminating the challenges and problems associated with the cost of implementing big data technology. Our big data solutions will definitely enhance your customer segmentation process, market analysis, campaigns, and other important operational or decision making processes. Our consultants work with SMEs at every turn to guide you through the process of selecting the right big data technology tools and methodology for implementation

Data Visualization

We provide cutting edge data visualization services for SMEs to help them identify trends and patterns in their business areas that can be overlooked. We deploy efficient visualization tools that benchmarks your business alongside important factors within your ecosystem to provide important insights that can enhance your decision making process. We help you create interactive dashboards and charts which can be shared with your staff or even customers on your websites, and render novel visualization services that carefully filter and aggregate your data to provide insights that will give the company a competitive edge.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions are designed to increase productivity and revenue levels of SMEs. We help you to obtain useful information from your different data sources, aggregate the data and provide key answers to vital business related questions. Our BI solutions not only empower our clients, but saves time and cost associated with manual data processing techniques. Because you can easily share the information derived from out BI solutions, your collaboration and communication process becomes easier among your teams.

Data Management

The proliferation of data will continue to affect modern business practices and SMEs need to adopt innovative, technology driven methods to effectively capture and process data at every stage in the organization’s operational process. At World Pag, our consultants help you to define your data management strategy, identify process gaps, outline data governance policies, consolidate your data sources, data back up procedures, implement intelligent data management systems that incorporates your business channels, workflow and generate useful intelligence for management to guide them in the decision making proces

Customer Intelligence

We provide specialized, data driven customer relationship oriented solutions that helps SMEs gather customer information and analyze it to create value by differentiation and generate effective customer insights that leads to profitability. Our experts pay special attention to your industry, size and targets to provide the right services and solutions that would help you create and promote personalized services and products for customers and enhance your marketing strategies. We help you gather and analyze key information such as customer location, purchase history, interaction with your service channels, and other metrics to obtain important insight about the customer’s current needs and forecast future requirements.