Media And Telecom

Media and telecom companies require analytics in virtually every area of operations to remain competitive and achieve revenue goals. At World Pag, we help media and telecom businesses optimize resources, cultivate engaging customer experience and increase bottom-line by providing astute consultancy services and decisive analytical solutions for improving business, network, customer, and financial intelligence. With WorldPag, you can take advantage of opportunities available at every moment and everywhere.

Social Media Analytics

At WorldPag, we use social media analytics to help businesses extraordinary levels of customer engagement. We help you collect and investigate social media data and use cognitive, analytical technologies to gain reliable insight. Our consultants realize the importance of accurate intelligence and work with you to create innovative models that will increase your brand presence, create stronger social media networks and create mutually beneficial relationships.

View Analytics

As the volume of services and products offered by media and telecoms organizations increase, it is vital that these businesses know who consumes content, how customers consume content and the kind of content they prefer. View analytics provides valuable insight into these consumer behavior indicators and helps businesses know their audience better. At World Pag, we help you to explore audience data from different channels, cultivate meaningful insights that you can use to develop and deliver relevant content to your audience. We provide reliable solutions that can help you predict viewership and effectively segment your audience for effective marketing.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the collection and resourceful analysis of internet-based data for valuable insight. Media and telecom businesses operate through several channels including web- based channels and need the valuable information obtainable from internet-based data to understand usage of products and services through these channels. At WorldPag, our team of dedicated experts helps you to research web-based data, understand different consumer needs and identify the next big thing or next big offers that can help you to increase your bottom line. Our research deck augmented by our analytical solutions, help you to evaluate and optimize the performance of your web platforms using key performance metrics.

Event Based Marketing

Event based marketing centers on strategic events and acknowledged variations in a customer’s requirements. It identifies and matches the right response to a customer’s behavior per time. At WorldPag, we help you evaluate events and reveal insights that are usually ‘below the line’. With these insights, you make informed decisions based on precise knowledge you have about consumer behavior due to definite events. Our EBM services and solutions will help you deliver appropriate marketing strategies to your consumers leading to significant business benefits for your organization

Churn Modeling

Customer churn is a common occurrence in the media and telecom industries. The churn rate in a business organization can lead to a significant loss of revenue due to departures. Our team of seasoned consultants realizes that the loss accrued from customer churn is more than the loss of potential revenue – it includes the marketing cost associated with replacing exited clients with fresh clients. This why we help you to reduce customer churn by implementing high end systems that help you to identify which customers are likely to churn and propose appropriate campaigns to prevent churn. Our churn modeling solutions use inventive techniques, reliable predictive algorithms and key churn indicators to segment customers and propose retention strategies.