IT Consulting & Technology

At WorldPag, our talented information technology consultants help you identify opportunities and build sustainable value in today’s data driven economy. We thoroughly investigate problems, design and implement solutions using time tested technical and business strategies, systems and tools. Our consulting services are geared towards optimizing your processes, providing suitable and sustainable outcomes leading to improved business performance and revenue using best practices. We provide IT staffing, virtualization, data backup, business continuity, disaster recovery procedures, audit and assistance, network support and managed services expertise to help you meet identified technological needs and business objectives.

IT Staffing

We provide IT staffing services to help your organization recruit the right talent. Stay ahead of the latest trends and competitive developments when you use our IT staffing solutions which saves you cost and time, to hire the hiring the right staff for your business.


Our in-house experts help you to help you simplify IT maintenance, management and the deployment of new applications in a virtualized environment. Do more with less when you implement our innovative virtualization technologies.

Data Backup

Backup your mission critical assets with Worldpag’s data backup solutions, you can safely backup and restore your valuable data. Don’t let the inevitable happen when you can safely backup and restore valuable data

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Our consultants will leverage on extensive risk management experience to build a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan important to recover swiftly from a disaster. We at Worldpag are committed to offering end-to-end methods for protecting against disaster and ensuring that the company continues to run. Our innovative approach spans people and technology to prepare you for disaster.


Backed by a team of highly experienced IT professionals, we offer high-quality technology solutions that deliver a competitive value proposition to our clients. Take your business to the next level with comprehensive technology solutions!

Media & Communications

Our innovative approach helps Media & Communications organizations to transform their businesses and redefine the customer experience. Talk to our experts on how you can take advantage of analytical solutions that can drive your brand and business forward.

Public Sector

As an organization in the public sector, you intend to serve the public. As a professional IT company, we understand how important it is for your technology infrastructure to perform flawlessly. Our team-based approach and years of experience allow us to deliver world-class technology solutions to help you meet your specific needs in the public sector.