At WorldPag, we know that insurance companies generate high amounts of data and we help clients position their organizations for success by providing professional consulting services and advanced statistical solutions for effective data analysis. Our service experts help you identify and take advantage of novel growth opportunities using big data technology. We also offer risk compliance and fraud detection services that protects our clients and minimize potential loss.


WorldPag’s analytics experts help insurance companies collect, analyze, and visualize data from both structured and unstructured data sources using advanced analytic techniques. We help you discover valuable insights from customer data so you can offer insurance products that match the customer’s needs. We help organizations create dashboards that give you a 360 degree view of your customer’s insurance policy or portfolio, and deploy analytical solutions that optimize the underwriting and general business. With the aid of our real time analytical solutions you can make scheduled or on demand adjustments to premium rates, premium strategies and underwriting limits and optimize your organization’s finances.

Fraud Detection

We help insurance companies prevent, identify and detect fraudulent claims. Our consultants help you improve fraud detection systems and spot criminal actions through data mining and predictive modeling techniques. Our solutions thoroughly match the metrics in every claim against the profiles of past claims and raise the appropriate flags for claims that require further investigation.

Risk Compliance

Insurance businesses come under a lot of internal and external scrutiny and at World Pag, we help you take the initiative with risk and regulatory compliance. Our analytical solutions are geared towards creating transparent data-driven reports and dashboards that lead to better compliance at all levels including capital and accounting regimes. We understand the need to have quick-real time information that are critical for risk based decision making, that is why our subject matter specialists work round the clock to deliver reliable, data driven risked based performance metrics that can help you make informed decisions under different scenarios. We provide interactive dashboards with drill down features and what-if scenarios that delivers business benefits in a cost effective manner.

Big Data

WorldPag’s big data technology experts help insurance companies attain a higher degree of accuracy, increased performance, and take advantage of new opportunities by using big data tools to boost customer engagement, predict and determine risk levels and help in up-selling/ cross-selling insurance products. Specifically our big data solutions can be used in the area of:

  • Customer insight

  • Marketing

  • Risk assessment

  • Fraud detection