World PAG is a boutique analytics and decision sciences company headquartered in World PAG, USA. At World PAG, we are focused on solving your business critical problem through our customized, data driven, advanced analytics solutions. We synthesize, analyze complex data structure and discover patterns and anomalies in your data using statistical, machine learning and advanced analytics techniques and provide actionable intelligence, which will help you quickly deliver high business impact.

World PAG offers customized domain-specific advanced analytical solutions for various industries such as Healthcare Services, Banking and Financial Service, Energy and Utilities, Travel and Hospitality and E-commerce Industry.

Banking & Financial services:

We provide advanced analytics solutions for all the segments of the banking and financial services industry, namely Retail and Commercial Banking, Capital Markets, Asset Management and Investment Banking. We can help you minimize risk and fraud, reduce costs, and optimize your customer experience.

Healthcare Services

We provide advanced analytics solutions for the healthcare industry, namely patient records, hospital records, test or lab records, claim records, medical billing and reimbursement records etc. We can help you improve your efficiency, by driving business performance, boosting cash flow, reducing bad debt, stopping denials, and help you take control of your overall data.

Energy & Utilities

We provide advanced analytics services, especially in the area of smart meter analytics, predictive asset management, collection analytics and customer analytics across energy and utilities customer life cycle, to drive reduced cost to serve, increased profitability and improved customer experience

Travel & Hospitality

We provide analytics solutions for all segments of the travel and hospitality industry namely Airlines, Car Rental Companies, Online Travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Cruise lines and Casinos.


Our e-commerce analytics services can help you understand your online customer’s decision-making process, their needs, preferences and sentiments across products and services and create a unique personalized experience, leading to an increase in conversion rate, profits, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IT consulting & technology

We provide advanced consulting and technology services for wide range of organizations, namely Healthcare, Manufacturing, Accounting & Financial, Architecture & Engineering, and Law firms. We can help you minimize risk, reduce cost, and optimize your customer experience. Additionally, we can assist you in taking decisive action and achieving sustainable results. Our technology solutions help the high-tech industry to focus more on core business functions, reduce predictable IT costs and improve productivity.