Higher Education

We provide advanced, efficient analytic solutions and data management software to educational institutions such as schools, training academies, and continuing education. Our high-quality educational solutions are geared to make our clients optimize external and internal processes and meet organizational objectives. Our consultants empower institutions, and give them accurate insight concerning budget, enrollment, staff, students, curriculum etc. leading to increased productivity and positive outcomes.

Advanced Analytics

WorldPag, implements high-end prediction analytics systems to analyze and forecast the impact of curriculum or training programs before it is introduced into the curriculum of an institution. We help clients analyze data in real time to attain deep insights and understanding of the educational system and student’s educational experience. The output of this exercise will help the organization understand individual and collective behavior of students and develop the ideal learning environment for faculties and students. The overall impact will be a significant increase in student’s performance and decrease in failure rates.

Data Management Software

Our experts offer robust enterprise data management solutions for collecting and processing school management related data such as administrative, human resources, student and teacher data. The software offers Interactive reports and dashboards for policy makers. We offer cloud based or on-premise deployment services.

Education Analytics Suite

WorldPag educational consultants help institutions investigate people, processes and policies for gaps. Our suite of flexible, educational analytic solutions can be integrated with existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or legacy systems to provide capabilities such as forecasting, operations research, statistical modeling, and quality control functions, which improve the value of services, offered by the institution. Our solutions help you discover patterns, and identify potential issues before they occur.

Visual Analytics

Educational institutions generate huge volume of data and it is imperative for educators to take advantage of insights that can be generated from data using visualization, data mining and statistical techniques. Our consultants utilize visualization technology, which goes a step ahead of legacy analytical solutions to work outside the confines of preconfigured or staple performance indicators and integrate innovative analytical reasoning and algorithms to provide enhanced insights that aids the decision making process. Institutions can easily filter, summarize and share the results from our visual analytical solutions with relevant stakeholders.