Healthcare Services


WorldPag works closely with healthcare organizations to deliver quality services using the right mixture of consulting, technology and analytical systems to implement effective solutions. Changes in regulatory policies, technology and demographics have led to a gradual shift towards value-based, patient-centric healthcare. Coupled with stiffer competition, the consumer’s demand for improved quality at reduced cost, and social media influence, the pressure on healthcare organizations is on the rise.

Our experienced consultants can help you overcome these challenges faster and better in today’s dynamic market. We methodically evaluate diverse data sources including CRM, social media, data from partners, and external data to optimize operational efficiency, reduce overall cost by decreasing fraudulent claims and improve patient’s experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

We provide analytical solutions and services that help you accelerate medical innovation, acquire new customers/patients, retain existing ones, and enhance the lifetime value from each.

Social Media Intelligence Analytics

Social media intelligence analytics is a practice requiring the use of advanced social analytics tools to derive actionable insights from data available from social media platforms, blogs, online forums, survey responses, emails and similar data sources.

Our consultants at WorldPag meticulously analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources and help you extract valuable insights, sentiments, and hidden patterns on treatment effectiveness and peer physician preferences. In the healthcare domain, we use NLP, statistical, machine learning techniques and segregate patient’s conversations about your organization or the competition’s brand, products, and services around positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. We create models of sentiments, which help you identify the root cause of emerging issues.

Contact Center Analytics Services

Our consultants provide analytics that can help you grow your customer base, minimize churn rate and operational costs, and improve your customers/patients experience. Specifically we:

  • Help you setup different systems that will fit your organization, so you engage in functional multi-channel customer service
  • Share and integrate information between the channels
  • Train your staff and teams on how to effectively use these channels
  • Use your customer data to identify the preferred interactions or services your customers want and replicate this across your channels

Customer Analytics Services

If you want to maximize the patient’s experience, reduce customer churn rate, and improve the bottom line through cross-selling/up-selling opportunities, we invite you to talk to our team. We specialize in the analysis of both structured and unstructured data using advanced analytics techniques and help you grow your business by acquiring new customers/patients, and retaining loyal and repeat customers /patients through personalized services such as discounts and other value added services.

Service Analytics for Medical Devices

Stakeholders in the medical device industry are aware of the ever-increasing need for quality, compliance, and timely delivery in an interconnected era. World Pag helps companies succeed in this niche by providing solutions that leverage on our industrial experience coupled with efficient data driven solutions that interacts with your design, manufacturing or supply chain activities. Our solutions also help you comply with obligatory industry compliance standards and gain the competitive edge

Predictive Asset Analytics of Medical devices

Predictive asset analytics is a mainstream activity that gives you the ability to predict and avoid probable asset failures. We are dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations extract and process information from multiple data stores to detect the probability of asset failures and prevent the breakdown before it occurs. From hospitals to medical device manufacturers, we have an impeccable record of accomplishment for providing efficient predictive assets analytic services that help you avoid costly implications attached to device and system failures.

Our BPO offerings include

Cloud Contact Center Solution

Our partnership with a leading cloud based contact center solution provider power our ability to deliver the best solutions for your business needs, which includes Automatic Call Distribution, Quality Management suite, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route all inbound calls.

Medical Data Entry Solution

The data entry of medical data is a very important process that demands precision and accuracy. At Worldpag, we provide data entry solutions for any type of medical data such as patient records, hospital records, tests or lab records, claim records, billing, and reimbursement records etc. by maintaining 100% confidentiality and data privacy, your patients’ information will remain completely secure and never be at risk.

Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medical billing is an extremely important component of the healthcare industry. The biggest challenge faced by physicians today is not with the patient care but with the business side of health care, especially concerning medical billing and coding. Research suggests that doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year due to poor billing practices.

At Worldpag, we provide high-quality error-free end to end  medical billing and medical coding services to Physicians, Hospitals, and Medical Billing companies which can help you reduce significant cost and improve cash flow at the same time ensuring maximum security of your data through data encryption and enhance password-protection.

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