Healthcare Services


Due to the increased regulatory intervention, technological and demographic changes, Healthcare companies are undergoing fundamental transformation towards value-based patient-centric healthcare. At the same time, increased competition, and the consumer’s demand for improved quality at reduced cost intensifying pressures on healthcare companies. Also with growth of internet and increased adoption of social media are playing crucial role in connecting consumers/patients to share their views, provide recommendations for products or services and influence the decision making process of future consumers/patients. To overcome these challenges faster and better and to sustain in today’s dynamic market, analytics can really play a key role for the healthcare industry.

Worldpag’s client centric approach and deep domain expertise enables you to generate value through our customized healthcare solutions. We analyze diverse data sources such as CRM, social media, partners, and external data to optimize operational efficiency, reduce overall cost by reducing fraudulent claims and improve patient’s experience, satisfaction and loyalty. Our tailored healthcare services can help you acquire new customers/patients, retaining existing ones, and enhancing the life time value from each.

Our Analytics offerings include

Customer Analytics Services

We analyze both structured and unstructured data using advanced analytics techniques and help you grow your business by acquiring new customers/patients, and retaining loyal and repeat customers /patients through personalized services such as discounts , value added services etc., uplift revenue through cross-selling/up-selling and enhancing the life time value from each. We can help you reduce costs, minimize churn rate and maximize your patient’s experience.

Contact Center Analytics Services

We provide analytics services for multi-channel customer interaction center operations across broad range of industries. Our multi-channel customer interaction center analytics services can help you grow your customer base, minimize churn rate and operational costs, and improve your customers/patients experience.

We also provide Data Management, Reporting and Visualization services and Web Analytics  to Healthcare services industry.

Our BPO offerings include

Cloud Contact Center Solution

Our partnership with a leading cloud based contact center solution provider power our ability to deliver the best solutions for your business needs, which includes Automatic Call Distribution, Quality Management suite, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route all inbound calls.

Medical Data Entry Solution

The data entry of medical data is a very important process that demands precision and accuracy. At Worldpag, we provide data entry solutions for any type of medical data such as patient records, hospital records, tests or lab records, claim records, billing, and reimbursement records etc. by maintaining 100% confidentiality and data privacy, your patients’ information will remain completely secure and never be at risk.

Medical Billing and Coding Services

Medical billing is an extremely important component of the healthcare industry. The biggest challenge faced by physicians today is not with the patient care but with the business side of health care, especially concerning medical billing and coding. Research suggests that doctors in the U.S. leave approximately $125 billion on the table each year due to poor billing practices.

At Worldpag, we provide high-quality error-free end to end  medical billing and medical coding services to Physicians, Hospitals, and Medical Billing companies which can help you reduce significant cost and improve cash flow at the same time ensuring maximum security of your data through data encryption and enhance password-protection.

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