Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities

The Energy and Utilities industry operates in a complex environment driven by intense challenges such as new technological interventions, increased data volume, regulated and deregulated markets, evolving regulations and rising cost. These factors have forced energy and utilities industry to leverage data-driven analytics to increase profits, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Worldpag’s deep Energy and Utilities industry knowledge, experience and client-centric approach enable you to generate value through our customized analytics solutions.

We provide advanced analytics services, especially in the area of smart meter analytics, predictive asset management, collection analytics and customer analytics across energy and utilities customer life cycle, to drive reduced cost to serve, increased profitability and improved customer experience.

Our Offerings:

Smart Meter Analytics: Worldpag’s smart meter analytics services can help you analyzing smart meter data and provide insights around your customer’s energy consumption patterns, identifying factors responsible for energy load at peak time, predict peak demand and design demand response programs that are better aligned with your customer demand patterns. We can also help you detect energy theft and revenue leakage by analyzing smart meter events and usage data.

Predictive Asset Management: We analyze smart meter data such as consumption and usage patterns; asset performance data and weather data etc., and provide deeper insights into the condition of your equipment. Our solution can help you predict potential equipment failures, costly outages and out-of-service time based on real-time and historical data.

Collection analytics: Worldpag’s collection analytics services can help you reduce collection costs, bad debt and improve cash flow. We analyze broad data points such as transactional data, payment history, macroeconomic driver etc. and use advanced predictive analytics techniques such as Logistic Regression, the Gauss Markov model, CHAID etc. to predict customer payment behavior.

Customer analytics: Worldpag’s customer analytics services include integrating and analyzing customer interaction center data, CRM data and smart meter data to get a complete picture of your customer and provide actionable intelligence. Our tailor-made analytics solutions can help you acquire new customers, reduce churn and enhance the lifetime value of your customers.Read More…
We also provide Data Management, Reporting and Visualization services , Web Analytics and Multi-Channel Customer Interaction Center Analytics services