E commerce

E commerce

Increased adoption of the internet, evolution of new technologies (e.g. Wi-Fi, 4G) and smart devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets), along with changing consumer behavior and expectations, have all led to a significant growth in e-commerce around the world. As more and more companies are entering the digital commerce market and attracting and converting web visitors through differentiated product and service offerings, it has become increasingly important for companies to reach consumers in new and innovative ways. All of these factors are driving changes in the companies’ marketing strategies to provide a personalized online shopping experience at each stage of the commerce life cycle based on the consumers’ individual needs and preferences.

Worldpag’s client-centric approach and deep domain expertise enable you to generate value through our customized analytics solutions. Our e-commerce analytics services can help you understand your online customer’s decision-making process, their needs, preferences and sentiments across products and services and create a unique personalized experience, leading to an increase in conversion rate, profits, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Offerings:

Web Analytics Services: We analyze visitors’ web journey data as well as CRM data and use supervised and unsupervised techniques such as Naïve Bayes Algorithm, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, N-Gram etc., which can help you segment visitors by geographic location, past purchase patterns and searches, social profile, characteristics and many more, and tries to match a visitor’s journey who has just landed in your website to a journey based on predefined segments. Once there is a perfect or near-perfect match with the visitor’s real time web activity, personalized messages, product recommendations, promotions and contents are triggered in real time. Read More…

Customer Analytics: We analyze both structured and unstructured data using advanced analytics techniques and help you acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and improve the lifetime value of your customers. We can help you minimize churn rate, reduce costs, and optimize your customer experience. Read More…

Social media analytics: We analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources such as social media, online posts, survey responses, emails etc. and help you extract valuable insights, sentiments, and hidden patterns. We use NLP, statistical, machine learning techniques and segregate consumer conversations about your or your competitor’s brand, products, and services around positive, negative, and neutral sentiments, which help you identify the root cause of emerging issues.
We also provide Data Management, Reporting and Visualization services , and Multi-Channel Customer Interaction Center Analytics services for the e-commerce industry.