Data Management Reporting

WorldPag’s proficient data consultants are adequately trained and fully involved in the holistic process of data collection, validation, analysis, and business intelligence. We help clients:

  • Build normalized or dimensional data models, profiling and storage of data
  • Extract and consolidate data from different sources and in different forms on to a common logical platform
  • Perform meta-data discovery, publishing, registry and overall management
  • Audit and manage data access control
  • Cleaning, formatting, completeness, accuracy, consistency, standardization, and data de-duplication
  • Understand reporting and visualization requirements and map them to the business priorities
  • Generate management reports and provide summary of key insights
  • Automate graphical interpretations and summaries of reports
  • Customize report development with slice and dice functionality
  • Design interactive and real-time visualization of the key business metrics
  • Execute dashboarding and charting activities
  • Multi-dimensional representation
  • Trend, pattern analysis and what-if scenarios analysis

Customer Analytics Services

Customer analytics is the process of gaining customer insight from available consumer data. Intelligence derived from customer analytics are used in marketing campaigns, customer relationship management, product development, modeling and predicting customer behavior etc.

At WorldPag, our teams of skilled experts help businesses adopt a data-centric culture, which ensures that consumer related decisions are based on facts and analytics, not assumptions or generalizations.

In particular, we offer customer segmentation, acquisition analytics, retention and loyalty analytics, cross-sell and up-sell analytics, and Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) Analytics

The WorldPag Advantage

  • We design and implement systems that help you gain deeper understanding of your customers and how they interact with your services and products
  • Increased loyalty, lower customer churn, increase in your revenue
  • Avoid unnecessary operational expenditure
  • Maximize marketing strategies by effective customer segmentation
  • Gain the competitive edge no matter your key performance indicators

Customer Segmentation

Our analytics professionals deploy customer segmentation solutions can help you identify distinct and internally homogeneous groups of customers based on their needs, demographic profiles, attitudes and purchasing patterns. We analyze both structured (e.g. transactional data, demographic data, psychographic data, firmographic data etc.) and unstructured (customer emails, chat, call etc.) data and use advanced analytics techniques such as clustering methods, CHAID and CART to identify potential customer segments for acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and retention opportunities.

Customer Acquisition Analytics

Worldpag’s customer acquisition analytics solutions can help you grow your customer base by analyzing your customer’s needs, their expectations and factors influencing their decisions across channels. Our consultants use segmentation and predictive analytics techniques such as CHAID, clustering, look-alike model, propensity model etc. to identify potential new customers (first-time purchaser) or lapsed customers who have a high likelihood of conversion.

Retention And Loyalty Analytics

Customer churn or attrition has a negative impact on businesses. To resolve these challenges, our experts deploy customer retention and loyalty analytics solutions that help predict propensity of customer attrition across channels by analyzing CRM data, CSAT survey data, and customer interaction center data. We use advanced analytics techniques such as Logistic Regression, Survival model, Classification and Decision Trees etc. and help you identify:

  • Customers who are likely to attrite and design targeted retention strategies for high-value customers
  • Factors which are most likely to drive customers’ engagement and loyalty
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to retain profitable and loyal customers

Cross-Sell And Up-Sell Analytics

Our consultants offer advice and services that help your business enjoy significant increases in revenue boosted by patronage from existing clients. World Pag’s cross sell and up sell analytical solutions improve retention by targeting the right customer with the right offer at the right time. We analyze both structured and unstructured data such as call, chat, customer data and transactional data and develop a propensity model or response model to identify customers with a high likelihood of purchasing additional products and services.

Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) Analytics

Our highly skilled experts implement a well-structured approach to CLTV analytics which includes analyzing comprehensive customer data points such as customer demographics, psychographic data, their preferences, spend history etc. based on which we predict revenue per customer and their association timeframe to get the total expected lifetime value of the customer. We use advanced analytics techniques such as RFM Models, Time Series Model, Markov Model, Logistic Regression, Survival Model etc. and help you identify the most profitable high-value customer segments and optimize your marketing spend.