Data management reporting and visualization

Data management reporting and visualization

Data can come from a variety of sources and in a variety of forms such as structured, semi-structured and unstructured. With the expansion of technology and increased adoption of the internet, digital commerce, social networks, smart devices are generating complex data every second, which combined with organization’s internal data such as CRM and call center data, generates huge volume of data that is exponentially increasing. Though this propagation of data has created vast opportunities for organizations to extract quick, accurate, and actionable insights for making fact-based decisions, managing, analyzing and presenting these data in a simple, clear and logical form is a challenging task for many organizations.

Worldpag’s data management, reporting and visualization services can help you generate value through our tool-agnostic and client-centric approach. We provide data management, reporting and visualization services across a broad range of industries. We work closely with you to choose the right mix of technology solutions that best meet your unique business requirements and help you make faster, smarter decisions across the enterprise to achieve and exceed your business goals.

Our Offerings:

Data management: Our Data Management services include:

  •  Design normalized or dimensional data models, profiling and storage of data
  •  Consolidate data from different sources and in different forms on to a common logical platform
  •  Meta-data discovery, publishing, registry and overall management
  •  Audit and manage data access control
  •  Cleaning, formatting, completeness, accuracy, consistency, standardization, and data de-duplication

Reporting and Visualization: Our Reporting and Visualization services include:

  • Understand reporting and visualization requirements and map them to the business priorities
  • Generate management reports and provide summary of key insights
  • Automate graphical interpretations and summaries of reports
  • Customized report development with slice and dice functionality
  • Interactive and real-time visualization of the key business metrics
  • Dashboarding and charting
  • Multi-dimensional representation
  • Trend, pattern analysis and what-if scenarios analysis