Customer analytics

Customer Analytics:

Increased competition, technological advancement, emerging touch points and channels have changed customer dynamics in terms of their needs and preferences. Customers today are more knowledgeable, more demanding and expect a personalized experience across channels. Businesses today need the right marketing strategy to acquire new customers and retain their existing customers, as there is a cost associated with acquiring new customers as well as retaining existing ones.

Worldpag’s client-centric approach and deep domain expertise enable you to generate value through our customized analytics solutions. We provide customer analytics services across a broad range of industries.

Our customer analytics services can help you with acquiring new profitable customers, engaging and retaining existing ones, and improving your customer lifetime value. We can help you minimize churn rate, reduce costs, and optimize your customer experience.

Our Offerings:

Customer Segmentation: Worldpag’s customer segmentation solutions can help you identify distinct and internally homogeneous groups of customers based on their needs, demographic profiles, attitudes and purchasing patterns. We analyze both structured (e.g. transactional data, demographic data, psychographic data, firmographic data etc.) and unstructured (customer emails, chat, call etc.) data and use advanced analytics techniques such as clustering methods, CHAID and CART to identify potential customer segments for acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and retention opportunities.

Acquisition Analytics: Worldpag’s customer acquisition analytics solutions can help you grow your customer base by analyzing your customer’s needs, their expectations and factors influencing their decisions across channels. We use segmentation and predictive analytics techniques such as CHAID, clustering, look-alike model, propensity model etc. to identify potential new customers (first-time purchaser) or lapsed customers who have a high likelihood of conversion.

Retention and Loyalty Analytics: Worldpag’s customer retention and loyalty analytics solutions can help you predict propensity of customer attrition across channels by analyzing CRM data, CSAT survey data, and customer interaction center data. We use advanced analytics techniques such as Logistic Regression, Survival model, Classification and Decision Trees etc. and help you identify:
― Customers who are likely to attrite and design targeted retention strategies for high-value customers
― Factors which are most likely to drive customers’ engagement and loyalty
― Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to retain profitable and loyal customers

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analytics: Worldpag’s cross-sell and up-sell analytics solutions can help you increase the share of wallet from existing customers and improve retention by targeting the right customer with the right offer at the right time. We analyze both structured and unstructured data such as call, chat, customer data and transactional data and develop a propensity model or response model to identify customers with a high likelihood of purchasing additional products and services.

Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) Analytics: Worldpag’s well-structured approach to CLTV analytics includes analyzing comprehensive customer data points such as customer demographics, psychographic data, their preferences, spend history etc. based on which we predict revenue per customer and their association timeframe to get the total expected lifetime value of the customer. We use advanced analytics techniques such as RFM Models, Time Series Model, Markov Model, Logistic Regression, Survival Model etc. and help you identify the most profitable high-value customer segments and optimize your marketing spend.