Consumer And Customer Analytics

WorldPag offers a cutting-edge consumer analytics experience that helps companies significantly boost operational performance as they resolve intricate business and operational challenges. Consumer analytics from consumer goods provides important insight from data related to the product life cycle including product development and marketing. We provide the right service and solutions for each phase of the product life cycle including customer insight, purchase analytics, and distributor channels.
What’s more? We also help uncover hidden opportunities and answer domain or industry specific inquiries related to consumer analytics. Driving positive business growth is our major objective and we help you achieve this by deploying effective consumer analytics solutions that creates germane models, gauge impact of events in your industry, segment customers and optimize your product pricing.

Profitability Analytics

Profitability analysis is a subset of enterprise resource planning (ERP). It gives a business the opportunity to predict the profitability of a proposed product, service or project or maximize the profitability of an existing one. World Pag’s team of profitability analysts help businesses identify and predict revenue potential relative to key metrics such as product type, customer location etc. We deploy solutions that identify the reason for lower profit margins and recommend optimal responses to embryonic consumer needs.

Our approach to profitability analysis is scientific and we analyze profitably at the level of products, project or services versus consumers and channels. It ends with you obtaining valuable insights and the opportunity to match revenue with products or specific consumers.

What else do you benefit?

  • Gain a holistic view of your production to profit processes

  • We help you assign profits and costs to products and services, increasing your levels of transparency

  • Enjoy various on demand or scheduled profitability reports

Marketing Mix Optimization

Marketing mix optimization enables marketers make the most of marketing expenditures by determining the most excellent group of advertising and targeted campaigns applicable across different platforms and media.
WorldPag consulting experts realize that one of the greatest challenges to a successful marketing mix is gathering reliable and accurate data and this why our team of modeling experts help businesses build reliable data warehouses that includes corporate data, industry data, economic data, specific product category data and pricing data, to support modeling efforts. We pay attention to relevant industry variables, help you to identify and measure important data to ensure reliability of derived models. Our analysts are competent marketing and research experts and they work with organizations to update the models on a regular basis.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain systems play an important role in the organization and in depth analysis of the supply chain reveals useful patterns and insights (especially in the area of forecasting) that can help the business optimize the supply chain and related business operations. At WorldPag, our supply chain consultants review data from a predictive perspective and use inventive extrapolative modeling and machine learning algorithms to realize meaningful supply chain insights.

This is why we walk with you throughout the entire supply chain cycle from planning, procurement to production, and distribution etc. This detailed process creates an understanding of your peculiar business processes and needs. We deploy analytical systems that help you reduce production risks, identify opportunities and provide early warning systems that monitor your budgets or expenditures.