Banking And Financial Services

Financial organizations face increased competition, shifting customer loyalty, increased cost of service and changing regulations in today’s business climate. At World Pag, we understand these challenges and our financial service experts provide high value insights and analytics solutions for all segments of the banking and financial services industry, namely Retail and Commercial Banking, Capital Markets, Asset Management and Investment Banking. You can leverage on our experience and technical capability to optimize your operations, minimize risk and fraud, reduce costs, and enhance your customer experience.

Risk Analytics

At WorldPag, we practice risk analytics techniques that allow you identify, quantify and predict risks with a degree of certainty. Our advanced risk analytics scorecards such as probability of default, loss given default and exposure at default, detect and predict potential defaults and losses, perform stress testing, model validation and on-going model maintenance helps you to significantly improve your risk control, lower risk costs and reduce losses due to fraud.

Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management is the ability to ascertain strategic opportunities when making investment decisions. There are quite a number of elaborate trade-offs that require careful evaluation with respect to investment decisions. At World Pag, we help you to establish mission critical investment drivers and create key early warning systems that help you identify and mitigate weaknesses or threats.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud detection is a data intensive activity. It is the combination of functional fraud analytical systems, trained experts, and service level agreements to identify fraudulent activity. Fraudulent transactions cost businesses significant losses. World Pag’s fraud detections experts implement rule based and advanced analytics techniques such as permutation and combination analysis, neural networks, classification and decision trees that helps you to achieve organizational control and detect or prevent fraudulent activity.

Collection Analytics

Talk to our analytics expert to reduce bad debt and improve cash flow. Our predictive analytics suites can accurately anticipate the customer’s payment behavior at different stages of delinquency. At WorldPag, we provide impeccable collection analytics solutions that increase your operational efficiency, help you to prioritize your debtors and support your debt recovery process.

Customer Analytics

Worldpag’s customer analytics services include analyzing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to get a 360-degree view of your customers and understand their behavior, needs and preferences. Our customer analytics solutions can help you acquire new profitable customers, reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value. Read More…
We also provide Data Management, Reporting and Visualization services , Web Analytics and Multi-Channel CustomerInteraction Center Analytics services to banking and financial services industry.