World PAG is a boutique analytics and decision sciences company headquartered at Worldpag, USA. At World PAG, we are focused on solving your business critical problems through our customized, data-driven, advanced analytics solutions. We synthesize, analyze complex data structure and discover patterns and anomalies in your data using statistical, machine learning and advanced analytics techniques and provide actionable intelligence that will help you to quickly deliver high business impact.

Our mission

To extract meaningful insights and identify patterns, unseen opportunities from data to solve your business critical problems and bring value to your organization in terms of improved ROI, customer satisfaction and reduced cost to serve through our customized tailor-made advanced analytics solutions.

Our Team

Our highly experienced analytics leadership team includes thought leaders and domain experts with a decade of experience in solving analytical business problems for top-tier companies, supported by a smart and energetic team comprised of data modelers, data scientists and statisticians.

Our Value

Quality in everything we do

Respect for all people

Efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources

Innovation toward continuous systems improvement

Partnership with those we serve and with suppliers

Education for continuous growth and knowledge

Pride in workmanship




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